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I studied molecular and cellular biology at Harvard, completed an MBA at Harvard Business School, and currently, I work at a gene therapy venture in New York City.  I get excited about harnessing the power of science and human relationships to make people’s lives better.

I learned how to code at the Flatiron School, which I recommend very highly.  Examples of work I’ve done include a visualization of my e-book highlights (presented at a Hack and Tell at the MIT Media Lab) and an app that locates highly-rated bars, cafes and restaurants between two or more locations.

Things I’ve been very fortunate (and truly grateful) to do over the years:

  • Strategist at igs, a people analytics startup in Tokyo.  Part of a small team that invented an innovative recruiting process and its accompanying mobile app GROW.  As one of the first employees, I was happy to help igs secure a $6M Series A round prior to leaving for HBS.
  • Co-author of an HBS case study “GROW: Using Artificial Intelligence to Screen Human Intelligence” (published August 2017).  The case was later taught in two HBS second year courses: Managing Human Capital (Fall ’17), and People Analytics (Spring ’18).  .
  • Co-Founder, President, and CEO of JAAC-Boston, Inc., a startup that creates unique, life-changing educational experiences for mostly Japanese students.  We help schools, agencies, and local governments execute customized educational programs in the Greater Boston / Cambridge area, with the help of our trusted partners and friends at Harvard, MIT, Wellesley, and in conjunction with many of amazing Boston-based institutions (Museum of Fine Arts, JFK Presidential Library and Museum, etc).
  • Conducted biological research in the Ellisen Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital for three years as an undergraduate at Harvard.
  • Undergraduate Thesis: Transcriptional Control of Hair Follicle Regeneration by p63.  Researched the molecular underpinnings of how hair grows back after it is shaved in mice.  Understanding this process could lead to insights for helping patients recover hair, sight, skin and potentially even hearing.
  • Conducted research on a pediatric neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome as a summer intern at Baylor College of Medicine.  Investigated how loss of the Mecp2 gene in certain neurons may affect short-term memory, which could explain some of the symptoms these patients exhibit.  My poster, presented at HHMI in Maryland, shows what I did more specifically (and it has pictures!)
  • Conducted a series of experiments and data analyses for Waypoint Labs to explore using augmented reality in job training.  Part of a project we did for Managing with Data Science class at HBS.
  • Developed innovative ideas for Jamestown L.P. on how to keep Boston’s Newbury Street, with its many high-end brick-and-mortar retail shops, relevant for the next ten years.  Project was part of HBS Immersive Field Course on Real Estate & Private Equity.
  • Interviewed auto dealerships and banks in Mexico City in order to help Mexico City-based startup Arbol Financiero improve the online auto financing application it provides to auto dealerships, so that buyers have greater access to reasonable auto loans. Project was part of HBS FIELD Global Immersion Course.

I like to read.  I like when people learn – I like to be a part of that.  Recently, I’ve also gotten into cooking and a couple good friends have even gotten me into fragrance (essential oils, candles, perfume).  Always happy to host guests!

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