About me

Thanks for visiting the site 🙂

I’m a graduate student at Harvard Business School.

I learned how to code at the Flatiron School.  See my projects on Github.

These days, I’ve been interested in data mining –  turning people’s data (particularly book highlights and photos) into information that betters their lives and the lives of those around them.  See more in my blog!

Co-author of an HBS case study “GROW: Using Artificial Intelligence to Screen Human Intelligence“.  I was one of the first employees at igs, a people analytics Series A-funded startup in Tokyo whose AI platform, GROW, provides clients solutions for sourcing, evaluating, and managing university grads as they transition into the workforce.

Things I’ve been fortunate to do:

  • Strategist at igs, an HR-tech venture in Tokyo.  Along with the CEO, developed the business strategy and marketing efforts for an intelligent recruiting platform used by more than thirty clients (with its associated mobile app used by more than 70,000 users).
  • Co-Founder & President of an international educational travel company in Boston with nearly $80K in revenue this year, and more than $100K booked for 2018.
  • Undergraduate researcher in stem cell biology; undergrad thesis: Transcriptional Control of Hair Follicle Regeneration by p63.
  • Waypoint Labs – proof-of-concept experimental design, execution, and data analysis to help this venture leverage explore the uses of augmented reality and machine learning in job training
  • Jamestown – strumming up crazy ideas to maintain the relevance of Newbury Street in Boston, through HBS Immersive Field Course on Real Estate & Private Equity.
  • Arbol Financiero – design thinking consulting project on an online auto-loan platform being built in Mexico City by a great team.  Through HBS FIELD program.

Happy to get in touch by email!  Find me on LinkedIn as well.